Chris McElroy aka Namecritic Bandwagon

August 22, 2007

Namecritic aka Chris McElroy on the Ropes?

It seems like poetic justice that a couple of blogs are being used to deal with Chris McElroy aka Namecritic – a self styled SEO web guru. 

Two blogs, Namecriticism over on Blogger and NamecriticScam on WordPress have started running what seems to be a cross between investigative reporting and an anti-Namecritic campaign.

So far they claim, and seem to have, evidence that Chris McElroy has been using donations from a missing children organization he set-up, The Kidsearch Network, to pay his writers.

Namecritic admits he did this a long time ago and it was his money that was in the charity and it was a favor for a writer. 

Full marks for coming clean but minus ten thousand for being so dumb in the first place.

Now I don’t want to jump on this particular bandwagon but I just can’t help thinking that Chris McElroy who has been using his web presence to vilify anyone that disagrees with him or his business methods should now be on the receiving end.

Who is behind these two anti-Namecritic aka Chris McElroy blogs?

We have no idea but Namecritic seems to think it is a disgruntled former employee but the ex staffer says it’s not him.

I’m sure the email ether will have winging towards us a demand to know who we are but having seen how Chris McElroy aka Namecritic and his sidekick, Allen Taylor behave themselves I think that discretion is the better part of valor.

It sure is fun to watch a so-called SEO expert getting SEO’d though – Namecritic Scam is on the first page for Google with Namecriticism top of page 2 for the search term “Namecritic” – almost the kind of thing you want a book running.





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August 22, 2007

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